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Assurance & Audit services in Dubai

SNC global top audit firm in Dubai offers services to meet the company’s needs, we understand local regulations and their impact on your business.

What is Audit & Assurance?

The financial position of any organization is the prime factor that forms the basis of every decision taken by the stakeholders of the organization. The exact financial position of a firm can only be determined through audit & assurance, making it the backbone for every financial decision by best audit firm in Dubai

Our team is well equipped to assist our clients with internal & External Audits, Tax Audit  or Revenue audits as per their requirements and their business model. We also help our clients analyse internal audit reports.

Assurance & Audit services in Dubai for any company

A financial audit is conducting a thorough examination of all financial records of a company. This would bring into view numerous necessary conclusions like future business focus, resource management, etc. helping in determining future decision-making and predictive maintenance. We have experienced professional auditors in Dubai for more than two decades helping us to deliver our best industry services to every client. 

Our Audit & Assurance services

Our vivid range of professional industry standard audit & assurance services include –

Internal Audit: Internal audit reports consists of a perceptive and predictive internal auditing system which is adaptable to the organisation’s changing environments and evolving growth models.
External Audit: It is an independent summary analysis of any organisation’s state of affairs to ensure its internal services are in order with the external governing body.
Due Diligence Audit: It includes the identification and analysis of individuals and financial and legal risks involved in investing in any particular business.
AML Compliance Services: SNC global with its risk advisory team & auditors in Dubai helps your business’s image by protecting it from risks belongs to money laundering and terrorist financing.

Benefits of our Assurance & Audit services Dubai

Enhance Business Portfolio

Joining hands with a renowned accounting and auditing companies in Dubai would help you to understand the roots of the accounting procedure and taking steps in future easier.

Detection of Loopholes

We could easily detect the flaws which the company is going through in the company books by auditing of accounts Dubai, which is difficult to do for the company by their own as by following the out dated process, it may not be that accurate. 

Utilize The Time Properly

The time you join hands with us for the accounting purpose, our expert professional starts reading your firm, and you never have to suffer concerning it anymore.

Tasks at a Faster Rate

We may carry out the functions quickly, and would ultimately help you to get the business tasks carried out at a faster rate.

Simplifies The Procedure

We bring you the best and would streamline the required processes faster which would help you to carry the services naturally.

Needs of Audit & Assurance services in Dubai?

An audit by top audit firm in Dubai is the independent examination of the accounts of any entity, whether it is profit oriented or not, irrespective of its size. 

  • Satisfy and understand complex financial and accounting requirements and avoid errors
  • Implement proactive risk management programs to enhance controls and detect vulnerabilities
  • Assess the integrity of your employee and identify opportunities and benefit plans for improvement

Audit & Assurance services for business growth

uncertainty and consistent change, trust is the key ingredient of business success. F rom investors to employees to regulators, today’s shareholders need accurate accountability and transparency to give organizations their trust.

Using an auditing and accounting firms Dubai may empower businesses to live up to their core values, meet the expectation of their shareholders and deliver integrity to the capital makers.

Why choose us?

not only understand the importance of these services but also ensure the smooth functioning of our client’s firm by recognizing frauds, doing SWOT analysis for their business, meeting submission deadlines and enhancing the company’s market value. We realize that maintaining balance and harmony between the UAE’s economic system and the banking partners is also an integral part of financial management and hence we follow auditing guidelines that are approved by the banking systems in the UAE to be the best audit firm in Dubai.


Frequently Asked Questions


Requirement of the best Audit firm in Dubai?
Auditors in Dubai provide unbiased assurance to the company, make ensure the effectiveness of internal controls, risk management and governance. As per the commercial companies federal law of 2021, every company in the UAE has to get its financial accounts audited by a top audit firm in Dubai. Best audit firm in Dubai maintains high quality standards.
How long could an Audit firm audit the same company?

Up to 5 years of financial records is mentioned as standard practice for UAE audit services in Dubai. The auditing procedure typically involves reviewing the financial statements of the business, testing internal controls by internal audit reports and procedures, and assessing compliance with UAE regulations and laws.

How to initiate a top Audit firm in Dubai?
In a way to get an auditing license in Dubai, UAE, you need to choose the audit of accounts as per the activity. Select an appropriate name for the company. Set a legal structure and obtain the initial approval from DET. Have a space and sign the tenancy contract as well as obtain Ministry of Economy approval and audit license for internal or external Audit firms in Dubai.
How does auditing benefit the company in UAE?
Audit services in Dubai help to enhance the reliability and credibility of the figures being submitted to lenders, any stakeholders and prospective buyers of the business. It tries to map the future by identifying and mitigating the risks of the business. Quality internal audit clears the valuable business insight picture.