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Corporate Tax Service: Best tax consultant in Dubai

We help businesses to meet up their corporate tax compliance. Our experts understand rules and follow them to clear and up-to-date advice on business tax issues.

What is the corporate tax?

UAE, Corporate tax has undergone numerous amendments in 2023, to have a new corporation tax system in the UAE, the government has published federal decree-law NO 47 of 2022. The tax regime has been designed following global practices, with the target of reducing the compliance pressure on businesses. This tax would be levied on profits made by the company and reported in its financial statements.
SNC Global is the leader in corporate tax consultants in Dubai committed to assisting business from large to small in implementing and examining corporate tax system which is tailor-made to every client .

Corporate tax for any company in Dubai

With the introduction of a 9% federal corporate tax in the UAE, coming into effect from the financial year of June 2023, organizations conducting commercial business activities will come under its scope. Hence preparing for corporate tax compliance will also be a part of every organization’s Tax filings or VAT registration Dubai each year. 

Why did SNC global become your corporate tax consultant in Dubai?

Prepping for corporate tax compliance quickly would ignore higher implementation costs and lower the pressure on internal teams to cover such preparations within tight last-moment deadlines and help in small business loans.

Every company involved in construction, development, agency, real estate management, and brokerage in Dubai.

Free zone company (the UAE regime would continue to honour the CT incentives presently being offered to free zone companies which comply with every regulatory demand and that never conduct business set up in the UAE’s mainland).

Foreign companies and investors which conduct commerce and trade regularly based in Dubai are eligible for UAE CT.

Every investor and company performing activity under a UAE trade license would be eligible for this corporate tax.

How to prepare for corporate tax in Dubai?

Before preparing for corporate tax, ensure that your company is applicable for it. It is always recommended to expert services of corporate tax in Dubai who could assist you regarding the CT laws. Understanding the need of your company as per the laws.

– When your business needs to file a corporate tax return in Dubai

– Whether and by when the business has to register for corporate tax

– What application the company must make for corporate tax purposes

– All financial data and records your company has to keep for corporate purposes

What we do?

Profile setup: Tax agent in UAE would help and advise you on making an online account through the federal tax authority portal.

Documentation: We would help you in submitting and assembling the document required followed by the arrangement authorized by FTA.

Tax registration number (TRN) certificate: On fulfilling the registration process the company would provide a TRN certificate to you.

Tax residency: Tax agent in Dubai would help you in securing an individual or corporate tax residency from the tax authority of the federal.

Grow your business with corporate tax services in Dubai

Regular planning for corporate tax would help the business save increased costs and relieve internal teams of the strain to complete the preparations by a short deadline. SNC keeps an understanding of the latest law on corporate tax in Dubai. Implementing the tax rules in Dubai hiring the best corporate tax services in Dubai and successful businesses.

Why choose us?

With SNC Global, tax consultant in UAE taking responsibility for your business, you need not worry about this transition and can instead focus on the smooth functioning of your activities. Our team of experts will ensure compliance with every update and amendment and will coordinate with the UAE authorities for the same on your behalf.
Our work would not be limited to just preparing and submitting tax returns, rather we would extend never-ending support on tax advisory and tax planning too. We would be there with you through thick and thin and also provide seamless support during any disputes if they occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the federal UAE Corporate Tax?
The UAE never apply income tax on individuals. But, it leaves Corporate Tax on oil companies and foreign banks. The UAE has officially announced a federal decree-law on taxing business profits and introducing a federal corporate tax on the net profits of businesses. Corporate Tax would become applicable from 1 June 2023 or from 1 January 2024, depending on the financial year.
How to calculate UAE Corporate Tax?
To calculate Corporate Tax, you must connect with any tax consultant in Dubai or add back any depreciation and client entertaining costs to the profit before the account’s total, then subtract any captain allowances to arrive at the profit value which is liable tax. Every annual taxable profit which falls under AED 375,000 would be subject to a zero rate. Every annual taxable profit of AED 375,000 would be subject to a 9% Corporate Tax rate in the UAE.
Is federal Corporate Tax applicable in the UAE?
The UAE has introduced a federal tax system which is applicable to every commercial and business activity operating within the seven emirates. There are certain expectations: businesses operating in the extraction of natural resources. UAE levy UAE Corporate Tax not income tax on any individuals.
How many types of Corporate Tax are there in Dubai?
There are different Corporate Tax services in the UAE giving high-quality services and helping maintain tax records. However, it applies Corporate Tax on foreign banks and oil companies. Corporate Tax in Dubai has been calculated at 9% of the net profit given in the company’s financial statements. The government’s five significant revenue sources include goods and service tax, income tax, non-tax revenues, union excise duties, and Corporate Tax.
What is the need for the new corporate tax?

The UAE cabinet of ministers issued a cabinet decision to levy a 9% corporate tax rate in the UAE for some businesses. Corporate tax in Dubai law has been reviewed as a strategic move to diversify the UAE’s income sources above oil while allowing the country to maintain the status of a regional commercial.