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VAT services in Dubai

With a wide range of VAT advisory services by our experts to every business in Dubai, it’s easier to navigate the compliance requirements and focus on business growth.


What is the value-added tax?

UAE introduced the Value Added Tax (VAT) at the onset of the year 2018. As per the norms, a 5% tax would be applicable on all taxable transactions for goods & services. Since its implementation, it was a mandate for UAE resident businesses, making taxable supplies to do VAT registration in UAE.

VAT is imposed on business transactions which involve the supply of services and goods to customers. The VAT registered Dubai business charges VAT by adding them to the number of services or goods which are provided to our clients for either personal or business use. The businesses which are registered for VAT in the UAE have the right to claim the VAT paid to the supplier on goods or services received for business purposes.

VAT registration for any company in Dubai

After the introduction of the VAT law in UAE, every company is in need to abide by VAT law. Businesses are required to know the rules and regulations surrounding VAT to stay compliant. For everything, SNC Global comes into work and helps each of our clients.

Based on the annual turnover of the Company, it can register for Mandatory VAT registration or Voluntary VAT registration in UAE. We at SNC Global, help you analyze VAT registration and also do the needful for you.

We will guide our clients through the registration process and make sure that the application is accurate and complete, saving all your time and reducing headaches.

Things Any Business Need To Follow

Maintain the VAT records with the help of VAT consultants in Dubai. It is necessary to have the VAT records for at least 5 years. Main documentation includes- the business imports and compliance of services and goods, credit notes, tax invoices, records of goods and services, alternative documents for which no tax is been deducted, records of services and goods exported by the company, and any correction or adjustments made on tax invoices.
The VAT return must be filled in a timely way. The FTA permit for quarterly tax duration, in which the returns need to be filled to avoid penalties and deductions. Given the change of weekends in the UAE- it is necessary to be in connection with the VAT consultant in the UAE to ensure compliance.
In the case of any VAT registrants, payable taxes must settle on the return filing date, to skip delayed payments. It is best to be on top of your VAT fillings and would pay your taxes well ahead of the due dates.
Some of the services and goods carry a 0% VAT rate, including international transportation, education and healthcare services, investment-grade precious metals, and more. SNC, a UAE corporate tax or VAT filing consultant, could guide our client on such topics.

Documentation Required for VAT Registration Dubai of company

One of the important requisites to have when going for a VAT number in Dubai is to get a tax identification number. Together with the certificate of incorporation issued by the trade register in Dubai. There are numerous documents which need to be prepared while registering for VAT in Dubai. Some of them would be:


  • Article of association
  • Valid UAE trade license
  • Share certificate
  • Manager and owner’s valid passport copy
  • Certificate of registration/incorporation
  • Manager and owner’s UAE valid resident visa copy
  • Authorized signatory valid passport copy
  • The corporate bank account details in AED currency

Grow your business with VAT services in Dubai

One of the important services we gave is VAT registration helps in different scenarios like properties for sale in Dubai. We would guide you through the registration process and ensure that the application is accurate and complete, saving you headaches and time. 

Why choose us?

Monitoring and coping with VAT-related laws is an integral task of all our VAT consultants in Dubai team and we simultaneously help our clients come up with the amendments. Apart from VAT registration, we support our clients in VAT return filing, VAT advisory, VAT reconsideration and VAT de-registration services too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the condition of VAT registration in UAE?
Businesses may seek VAT consultants in Dubai having annual turnover exceeding the voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500 and the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000 are allowed to apply for VAT registration in Dubai. If a non-UAE-based business makes taxable supplies in the UAE, apart from its values, there is no other person obligated to do the due tax on certain supplies in the UAE.
What is the process to get a VAT refund through a VAT consultant in Dubai?

One may send the application to the authorities directly or through any Dubai VAT consultant or,

  • Logon to the FTA’s service portal.
  • Visit the VAT tab, then the VAT refunds tab, and download the form by clicking the VAT refund request tab,
  • Complete the application by yourself of with the help of Dubai VAT Consultant.
  • Once the form is submitted you will receive the email from FTA to notify the result of the refund application.
Do I need to pay VAT on imports in Dubai?
Yes, imports are taxable in Dubai under VAT, when a person having VAT registration in UAE imports services and goods, the importer has to pay VAT on every import article on a reverse charge basis. It is charged on a shipment that would be 5% of the full value of the items and could get a refund through a VAT consultant in Dubai.
When VAT returns are filled by a business owner or Dubai VAT consultant?
VAT return filing tax period depends on FTA. VAT return filing in UAE has to be done by the end of 28th day of the month following the tax period or maybe another day if ordered by FTA. It could be filed by taking help from VAT services in Dubai.
What is the basic purpose of VAT registration in UAE?
UAE wants VAT registration in Dubai by businesses at a marginal rate of 5% on taxable supply of goods or services at every step of the supply chain. VAT is an effective way for registered businesses to act as tax collectors on behalf of FTA; this could be explained by any VAT consultants in Dubai.