Business Bank Account Opening & Corporate Bank Account for Non Residents in Dubai, UAE
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Banking consultants in Dubai

Dubai has a super-hit banking sector famous for its exceptional customer service all over the world.

What are banking advisor in Dubai?

It is popularly known that the UAE’s banking systems are the safest in the World as they not only guarantee the privacy of your data but also assure secure transactions. Not only this, but they are also technically well-equipped and support easy and quick currency exchanges. Saying so, it is also important to comply with their norms and procedures to avail of the banking benefits.

Reliable and fast bank account opening in Dubai

The UAE is home to a cutting-edge financial system. With a strong network of international and local banks, Dubai is globally recognised for some of its best banking services in the world. When it comes to opening a corporate bank account in Dubai, you reap the benefits of a trustworthy financial consultant with customer-friendly policies.

People from all around the world turn to Dubai for banking requirements, and to secure monetary assets. However, there is a particular procedure which needs to be followed to create a corporate banking account in the UAE. This is why it is useful to have the help of our expert consulting agency.

Benefits of our business consultancy services in Dubai

  • Client will get reliable and safer banking services.
  • The account would be secured and confidential.
  • Account would require less maintenance cost.
  • Client would be able to take advantage of some online banking services.
  • Clients are able to withdraw and deposit money easily.

How to open a business bank account in dubai, uae?

Dubai is the leading investor’s friendly business hub in the world. In every business, hassle-free financial transactions were playing a vital role in business growth. Bank account in Dubai offers the company and investors customer-friendly and hassle-free services once the applicant meets apt requirements by the banks. The corporate bank account in Dubai process is an easy task if you know the correct documentation and KYC required by the banks. At times when a company account is in Dubai the bankers may ask questions or supporting documents to open the bank account. It is critical to respond to the information from the applicants. SNC global could guide us on KYC requirements, before striating the bank account opening in Dubai and make the documentation process easier for our clients.

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Documents requirement of business banking account in Dubai

  • Standard personal documents on company shareholders (passport copies for authorised and shareholder signatories)
  • Board resolution empowering a company officer to open the account
  • Organisation Articles of association (AOA) and memorandum of association (MOA)
  • Certificate of trade license/ incorporation- depending on the type of business
  • Business ownership and structure documents
  • Information and documents on the source of funds that would be invested into the company
  • Description of the planned activities of the company
  • Information on the company experiences of the company owners
  • Existing contracts
  • Reference letter from the company partners

UAE bank account for non-residents

open a bank account as a physical person, one has to visit the UAE in order to apply for it, but our company could manage everything. A UAE bank account for non-residents has offered especially for businesses and individuals. After having a corporate bank account, setting up a business is mandatory. The personal account could be opened under the personal name of an individual.

Corporate bank account opening service

to deliver the best banking consultancy services in UAE and offers free banking consultancy to business bank openings. Impaired with the trusted banking sector and have the best inspection support.

Why choose us?

your banking service partner for bank account opening in Dubai, firms will not only be able to choose the right banking partner but will also escape the hassle of going through their tedious account opening norms. There is a list of banks to choose from and each one has its own set of requirements. With our experienced team and our cordial relations with the banks, we make this process an easy one for our clients, making our clients have a happy banking experience.

Offshore bank account in uae

biggest financial centers and allows a variety of first class-banks. In addition to local banks, every international bank is represented in the UAE. International trade, tax advantages, discretion and access to the international market are advantages of an offshore bank account in UAE.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to initiate a Business Bank Account in UAE?

We are here to solve all your account-related queries, few documents we need from clients:

  • Account opening form
  • Resolution from the board of directors sanctioning the open bank account,
  • A copy of the business license
  • A copy of the share certificate
Are foreign companies eligible for opening a Business Bank Account in UAE ?
Yes, mostly. However, some banks often limit the facilities given to the individual. If a Mainland Company requests to open a commercial bank account in Dubai it is required to have a physical office located within the country.
What is the minimum investment required to open a bank account in UAE?
UAE commercial banks permit companies to choose from five account category options, with minimum balance requirements ranging from AED 25,000 to AED 1,00,0000. On the contrary, there is no minimum balance requirement for a business account.
What is meant by an offshore bank account in the UAE?
An offshore bank account is one opened outside your home country. Such type of account is often used to protect and save assets and take advantage of tax benefits while making international transactions. In Dubai, it is allowed to have an offshore bank account only if someone has a valid residence visa.
Type of offshore bank account and information required to open it?
Two of the common types of offshore bank accounts are personal and corporate accounts. A personal account passport with a UAE entry stamp is required, a company business plan and, a CV with relevant experience. For corporate accounts memorandum and articles of association, 6-12 months of bank statements and documents certificate by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.