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Bookkeeping & Accounting companies in Dubai

Welcome to SNC, your one-stop solution for everything in accounting & bookkeeping services. We have covered a long way and serve clients all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

What is Accounting & Bookkeeping?

Since the implementation of the UAE Commercial Company Law in 2015, it has been made mandatory for all registered companies to maintain their books for a minimum of five years and also undergo audits by the listed accounting firms in Dubai. 

Apart from maintaining accounts & bookkeeping records of your firm or by a chartered accountants in Dubai as per the UAE regulations.

We help reconcile bank accounts and also draft proper procedures for accounts payables and receivables. While meeting strict deadlines, we adhere to an error-free reporting and review system for our clients. SNC Global, one stop shop for accounting in UAE can contribute to managing the functionality of your firm while increasing your profitability as well.

Accounting & Bookkeeping services Dubai for any company

The preferred mode of accounting companies in Dubai & bookkeeping is the double entryway, in which every transaction is recorded twice in two similar accounts simultaneously. The total debt has to be equal to the total credit to maintain the financial balance of the firm. Dubai is a business hub, and the emirates are known for its rule’s vision of being the world’s largest business magnet. Growth in business evolution would call for higher demand for accounting & bookkeeping mentors and chartered accountants in Dubai

Difference between Accounting & Bookkeeping services in Dubai?

Accounting Services

Accounting and auditing firm Dubai is in a process that translates, recovers, displays and arranges financial information as analysis and reports. The exercises are deeply functional for the business to reduce compliance effects and increased basic leadership control. It additionally includes tax compliance maintenance, management of rules by the government and tax filing

Bookkeeping Services

The successful working of this service helps to increase the basics for each association. From the beginning of your business, the bookkeeping services start as logging records and finance-related exchanges. The information is later used by bookkeeping to keep the position and eligibility of duty ideas.

Benefits of our Accounting & Bookkeeping services Dubai

Outsourcing accounting may prove more beneficial than you would think.

Stay Away From Frauds

Report and detect frauds in internal accounts with an unbiased team at SNC global, moreover we help to reduce the risk of internal toggling with early and timely detection.

Increase Savings

Reduce over going costs like retirement benefits, paid sabbaticals, transportation fees, health benefits, etc. choose the expert skills of an entire financial team rather than working with any individual consultant.

Time Saving

Improved productivity with efficient time coverage. Our accounting and bookkeeping services Dubai could help valuable time and improve employee resource management.

Get Expert Support And Guidance

SNC global gives a reliable and responsible team with in-house accountants. We have an experienced, professionally skilled team that could deal with any unforeseen difficulties in such services.

Improved Capital Flow

Improve the valuable regained lost and valuable capital flows with timely returns. Better management of existing resources and open further avenues of capital growth and revenue generation.

Who needs a Bookkeeping & Accounting firm in Dubai?

One needs an experienced and professional bookkeeping consultant or best accounting firm in Dubai if facing certain issues in the business:

  • Spending all your time on bookkeeping unnecessarily
  • You are overwhelmed by the financial work
  • You are losing track of receipts and transactions-filing late tax fine
  • You wanted to take accounting & bookkeeping to a further level. Or probably go digital
  • You need planning for the future growth of your business

The necessity of outsourcing bookkeeping & accounting service in dubai business growth

could make a world of difference in handling your accounting needs, while the clients pay attention towards the growth of businesses stress-free since we handle the account stress. Becoming tax ready all time with regular guidance and service issued by a huge range of accounting and tax consultations given by SNC global, which is tailor-made as per the client's requirement.

Why choose us?

service in Dubai has experts who will not only ensure the accuracy of your financial statements but will also help you comply with the laws and regulations while helping timely tax payments by accountants in UAE. We would also keep you updated about the latest industry trends while forecasting the company’s financial growth by analysing the market variations. Keeping integrity as our core value, we always respect data privacy and hence are capable of maintaining a long relationship with every client.


Frequently Asked Questions


How are Accounting & Bookkeeping services in Dubai beneficial?
Chartered accountants in Dubai make sure that every government standard, compliance, records documents and taxation records are kept updated as per the rules and regulations. Accounting services in Dubai help to keep errors minimized, increase flexibility and prioritize scalability.
How to reach an Accounting service in Dubai UAE?
It’s much easier to reach Accounting companies in Dubai like SNC Global, just visit our website to fill Contact Us form or call us directly, and our team will connect to you. After all your queries and discussion we will move on with the project as per the business requirements and client preferences for accounting in UAE.
What is the linking bridge between Accounting and Bookkeeping services in Dubai?
Accounting uses the information given by bookkeeping to make financial statements and reports. Accounting in UAE starts where bookkeeping ends and has a broader scope than bookkeeping. Bookkeeping services for small businesses are just one of the segments of the whole accounting system.
How do Accounting services in Dubai boost your business?
Whether the business is small or big, accounting and bookkeeping services Dubai succeeds by delivering your insight into the overall perspective of the financial health of the company by making regular reports of cash flow, keeping you organized and demonstrating opportunities for success or growth by accountants in Dubai.
Is accounting necessary in the UAE?
Yes, accounting companies in Dubai help to grow business as they produce a company’s legally required financial reports as and when needed. Every company in UAE has to get their financial accounts audited taking accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. The companies in the UAE have to keep financial records for up to 5 years at least to comply with the requirements of chartered accountants in Dubai.